Festus Commercial & Residential Tint


Dramatic, natural light – in every season. It warms your living space and illuminates your treasured furnishings. But beauty has its price. The very same sunlight that pours through your windows also plays a major role in fading your furniture, artwork, drapes and even flooring.

Fortunately, SunScape Select window films block nearly 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays, allowing you to protect your precious interior while reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions. Madico’s wide variety of SunScape Select window films ensure that there is a color and style for every home’s unique design. And because all our dealers are carefully selected by Madico, we guarantee that every job will be completed to the most exacting standards.



Madico is proud to offer the most generous and efficient warranty program in the window film industry. Our aggressive warranty covers not only our window film products, but also the windows to which they are applied.

All our residential films come with a lifetime warranty, meaning that should the film bubble, crack, peel or change color, we will replace it at no cost to you. In the unlikely event that a Madico film contributes to glass breakage or seal failure, Madico also warranties your window for five years. Please contact your authorized Madico dealer for complete details on our warranty program.

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