Intoxalock Ignition Interlock Systems

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After a drunk driving arrest, many people have to have their cars fitted with an ignition interlock de

vice. These essentially stop the car from being able to start until the driver can pass its test. It's essentially a car breathalyzer, testing whether the driver is impaired or not.

While this is not a lot of fun, it's a necessary step for thousands of people to get back on the road and drive their cars again. These are extremely common, and you probably know someone who has used one in the past or will need one someday.

Phine Designs is a certified Intoxalock installer that has years in the auto and performance parts business and can install this device for you. We chse Intoxalock because the industry-leading ignition interlock device is easy to use with its simple blow pattern and one button keypad. When you compare Intoxalock to other ignition interlock devices in the market, it’s easy to see why it’s the top choice among customers, state administrators, attorneys and more.

The device has a small mouthpiece to blow into and will read the alcohol level in your breath to indicate whether you are impaired or at risk, and then allow you to start the car if you pass. It's a great, well-designed device, and e are proud to feature it in our shop.

Intoxalock devices can be installed by our technicians at our facility located at 4 Waggener Industrial Ct., Crystal City, MO 63019 or call us at 636-931-2110 for an appointment and see for yourself how we can make your car the car of your dreams. Fix your Performance, Exhaust, and Air Intake issues today and get the performance you deserve from your vehicle at Phine Designs in Crystal City.