Window Tinting With Madico Nano Ceramics Film

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Phine Designs is proud to feature Madico's Nano Ceramics Film for use in window tinting in Crystal City.  We have built our reputation by doing great work with the best products, and this is no exception.  Madico's Nano Ceramics Film is a great product for window tinting and will help your vehicle and driving experience in a variety of ways.  


Where the usual ceramic film has metallic flecks in it that can hurt your devices' ability to send and receive a signal, the Nano Ceramics use far less metals but still block all of the harmful UV rays that you are trying to keep out of your car.  


Introducing Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic, Madico’s newest automotive film for the most comfortable drive possible.

Black Pearl NC’s advanced ceramic technology offers significant heat reduction by rejecting up to 87% of infrared rays. It blocks more than 99% of UV rays, protecting passengers and interiors from overexposure. The multiple shades available help to minimize annoying glare.

Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic Features:


Rich, black color

1.5 mil premium automotive film product

Lifetime warranty

Metal-free construction won’t affect wireless or satellite connections

Available in a wide range of shades to accommodate any driver’s preference

Helps keep shattered glass together in the event of an accident


Phine Designs is the home of the one piece installation. With over thirty years experience, we guaranty all our work and guaranty the best job and the best price. We offer a full line of Madico window films. Everything from light charcoal to dark, In metalized and non metalized. All backed with a lifetime warranty. We also carry colors and chrome for the more custom rides. Phine designs also custom cuts graphics into the tint for the mild to a wild ride.


We also offer residential, commercial, and marine tinting. All backed by Madico's lifetime warranty on residential and marine and ten-year warranty on commercial tints. Whether it's your home, boat, car, or truck, we got you covered.




Madico's Charcool auto tint combines classic looks with contemporary functionality to deliver everything you need in an auto film- along with added benefits. Charcool is a cutting edge extruded film that never changes color.  


-State of the art extruded film

-Improves comfort due to maximum heat and glare rejection

-Reduces fading of vehicle's interior

-Improves personal safety by blocking 99% of UV rays  

-Non-metal construction eliminates signal interference  

-Helps hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident    



Onyx films offer exceptional heat rejection and increased passenger privacy while reducing dangerous glare.  In addition to a cooler, more comfortable ride, Onyx provides a high level of fade resistance to help keep your interior looking new for years to come.  Onyx is a high-performance film designed for high heat rejection.  


-High performance metalized film

-Helps hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident  

-Improves comfort due to maximum heat and glare reduction  

-Reduces fading of vehicle's interior  

-Improves personal safety by blocking 99% of UV rays

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